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Selected screen-shots of deliverables below. We help customers define the scope of their vague energy-water idea(s) by literally starting with pencil on paper, then for each idea, sizing & designing the process configuration, then evaluating its lifecycle cash flow on the back of a rigorous CapEx and OpEx, manifested via an investment grade Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model.    We identify risks and suggest mitigants. 

Our work product starts from first principles (Thermodynamics for energy and Hydrodynamics for water), then accounts for site specific factors - geography, climate, regulatory environment, unit costs for fuel, power, water, wastewater, labor, space availability, Greenhouse Gas Emissions potential etc... to recommend sustainable solutions that can be developed, financed and operated for decades.

Contact us for a free, no-obligations exploratory "wants" & "needs" discussion.

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